PyQGIS: Automate GIS Tasks with the QGIS Python API

Expand what you can do with QGIS by learning to automate tasks with Python. You will learn to create data, conduct analysis, and create map layouts using the QGIS Python API. You will leave this course with the ability to create Python scripts which will allow you to replicate workflows and tasks with the click of a button. This course contains over 8.5 hours of video instruction combined with the code and data files to conduct all of the exercises. You can view the sample lessons to get a feel for the course content and layout.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to interact with the QGIS interface through the PyQGIS API
  • How to interact with geographic data through the PyQGIS API
  • How to perform geographic analysis with the PyQGIS API
  • Intermediate Python concepts

Suggested Skills

  • Competency with QGIS
  • Basic Python skills

QGIS Python Plugin Development

Create custom applications and UIs that expand the functionality of QGIS and can be installed by any user. This course contains over 4.5 hours of video instruction that will teach you how to develop custom user interfaces (UIs) and link UIs to Python code to perform custom analysis. Through multiple examples, complete with code, you too will learn to develop Python plugins for QGIS.

What You Will Learn

  • The basic concepts of object-oriented programming for UI design
  • How to implement a variety of UI widgets to get user input and push messages to users
  • How to link UI elements and widgets to retrieve information from the QGIS interface
  • How to link a UI to your analysis code
  • How to release plugins so they can be installed by any QGIS user

Suggested Skills

  • A basic understanding of object-oriented programming in Python
  • A basic understanding of the Python QGIS API (PyQGIS)
  • Competency with QGIS