The Correct Way to Generate Random Numbers in Python with NumPy

Random number generation is a common programming task that is required for many different programs and applications. In Python, the most common way to generate random numbers is arguably the NumPy module. NumPy is fast, reliable, easy to install, and relied on by many programs.

As of 2022 (numpy version 1.22) the proper way to generate random numbers with NumPy has changed. This tutorial will demonstrate the basics of using NumPy to generate random decimals, integers, and distributions for your Python program or application.

Follow along with the Jupyter Notebook below to begin learning all about random number generation.

How to Generate Random Numbers in Python



NumPy offers a lot of functionality for generating random numbers in Python. Additionally, it is fast and easy to use. This tutorial has explored and demonstrated the basics of random number generation in Python. Continue learning and exploring these ideas by developing your own applications and projects!

Konrad Hafen

Konrad is a natural resources scientist. He develops models and analysis workflows to predict and evaluate changes to landscapes and water resources.

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