Course List

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Current students will receive an email with a coupon code to get free access to the new versions of these courses (with the exception of the free course “Make Professional Maps with QGIS and Inkscape”) on The new website provides better video and download hosting and creates an add-free website for students to focus on learning.


QGIS for Beginners

Learn the basics of data display and creation with QGIS.


PyQGIS: Automate GIS Tasks with the QGIS Python API

Automate GIS workflows and tasks with the QGIS Python API (QGIS).


QGIS Python Plugin Development

Create custom applications and UIs that expand the functionality of QGIS and can be installed by any user.


Make Professional Maps with QGIS and Inkscape

Combine a powerful GIS with a graphics editor to unleash your creativity and create stunning maps.