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Develop Python Plugins with QGIS 3

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The first OpenSourceOptions course is live! The course is available for a promotional price of $10 through the end of April! Access the course through our courses page, or visit https://opensourceoptions.teachable.com.

Develop Python Plugins for QGIS 3.0.1

I’ve created a course all about developing custon python plugins for the newest version of QGIS (3.0.1). The course contains about 2.5 hours of video lectures in which you will make two QGIS plugins. The video below gives an intro of the course and demos the plugins you will create. If you want a taste of the course before signing up, the first seven video lectures are available on YouTube. You can click on the video below to get to the playlist.

Course Description

The first plugin we create in the course will get you familiar with creating a user interface (UI) and writing the code to make the UI interactive. You will take the inputs from the UI and use them to do some basic geoprocessing. The plugin will interact with the main QGIS interface to view and load layers.

With the second plugin will load data from map servers. Specifically, we’ll load aerial/satellite imagery from Google, Bing, and ESRI servers. This is a very simple plugin, but very useful. It will give the knowledge to import any other available map servers you may wish to use.

Those who register for the course will have access to all the code, batch files, and resources I use to create the plugins and setup my python envrionment for plugin development.