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Open Source Options is Live!

category: general information

Great news! The Open Source Options (OSO) website (opensourceoptions.com) is now live! The content is currently limited, but be on the lookout for tutorials to begin popping up. This first post is to answer a few basic questions you may have about OSO.

Why the Bear?

You may see images like this floating around the site and wonder, “What do bears have to do with programming and data science?” The answer is nothing really. So why the bear? There are a couple of reasons. First, and most practially, in Spanish ‘oso’ translates to ‘bear’. That makes it a somewhat fitting logo for this website. Second, I began my college education in wildlife science and have an affinity for wildlife and the outdoors.

Why the Website?

I was introduced to programming and data science at a somewhat sideways trajectory. I had no intention of becoming involved in anything related to computer programming. Then, I started working with ESRI’s ArcMap. Quickly, I became hooked on GIS and knew I wanted it to be a major part of my career.

As I started performing more complex spatial analyses I realized that to be consistent, repeatable, and have maximum preformance I needed to start writing code. The more I began to write code for GIS tasks the more I realized that while ESRI products are widely used and generally considered to be the ‘industry standard’ there are many other options out there that perform as well as (or better than) ESRI. And they are FREE.

This website is an attempt to shed light on these open source options for data science, giving others oppotunity to implement products that are often overlooked.