Install Software
Setup the Command Line, Python IDE, and QGIS for Plugin Development
Build a QGIS Python Plugin
Plugin Dialog (UI) Design
Working with Custom QGIS Widgets
Create a Plugin that Saves Layer Attributes to a CSV File
Add a Matplotlib Figure to a Plugin Dialog

Build and Deploy a Plugin with Plugin Builder and pb_tool

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Check Your pb_tool Installation

Depending on your QGIS version you may need to install pb_tool for Python. This is simple to do.

Open a console with the pyqgis.bat file we created earlier in the course.

Type pb_tool.

If you do not get the pb_tool help then you need to manually install pb_tool.

Install pb_tool

The directions below are for Python 3. Python 3 is recommended for this course.

In the console that you opened from the pyqgis.bat file type the following line of code.

python -m pip install pb_tool

Now wait while pb_tool is installed. You may get a warning message about your python interpreter not being added to PATH. Don’t worry about it.

After the installation is complete, check it by typing pb_tool. When you hit ‘enter’ you should see the pb_tool help.