numpy: Introduction to numpy


  • Python version 2.7 or greater
  • Beginner skills with python
  • Desire to learn numpy


  1. Teach the basics of using numpy in python
  2. Provide data science applications of numpy
  3. Introduce advanced numpy concepts

What is numpy?

numpy is a powerful python package for handling arrays. It uses C libraries to optimize procedures that would otherwise be slow/computationally expensive in python.

What can I do with numpy?

The possibilities are almost endless. Arrays are used in many applications from photography to economic analysis. Data objects that are composed of multiple values, arrays will be used, and numpy is the python standard for working with arrays.

Personally, I use numpy most for spatial data analysis. I do a lot of work with spatial raster datasets and spatially referenced aerial photographs. numpy is the basic package I use for manipulating these datasets and doing many different analyses.

Find out more

For full details on the numpy package visit the documentation website.

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