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GDAL Python Tutorial: Reading and Writing Raster Datasets

The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) is the standard for managing spatial data formats. GDAL has been incorporated into many different enterprise and open source GIS projects. Because GDAL is open source, it can be used by all. Learning to use GDAL with Python can help you automate workflows and implement custom raster processing solutions. This tutorial (in the notebook below) will walk you through the basics of reading raster datasets with GDAL and using GDAL to create new raster datasets.

Much more is possible with GDAL than is covered in this basic tutorial, including:

  • Reprojecting and resizing rasters
  • Updating raster band values and performing map algebra
  • Clipping rasters to extents and shapes
  • Performing terrain analysis, interpolation, and polygon conversion

All of these topics are covered in-depth with code and example datasets in my full-length course.